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Home Safety: Foundation Issues Explained

The average homeowner is no expert when it comes to home repairs or even identifying potential issues within a home. Therefore we want to shine a light on your home’s foundation.

Many people think they only need their foundation inspected when selling or buying a home. But for something so integral and essential to your home, it’s a good idea to pay more attention to it.

Foundational issues can be hard to catch if you don’t know what to look for. Check out a few signs that we talked about in one of our earlier posts.

Read on for more information about foundation inspections, common problems, and what to expect.

When You Need a Foundation Inspection

There will be some red flags that indicate the need for a professional inspection, including:

  • Worn out walls (cracks, splitting, bulging, or uneven walls)
  • Roof problems such as water stains
  • Poor grading allowing water to stand near the home
  • Utility issues like electrical abnormalities or plumbing leaks
  • Chimney is separating from the structure of the home

Each of these aspects are all signs of a failing foundation and should not be taken lightly. If you fear that one of these issues may be contributing to a bigger problem in your home, don’t hesitate to call in the pros!


What to Expect from Foundation Inspections

These inspections are very in depth and will last about 1.5 hours. They include an interview in which we learn about the timeline of any damages as well as any concerns or abnormalities you may have noticed.

We will follow up with visual observations of the interior, exterior, and surrounding terrain.

If you’re still concerned that you may not be receiving factual data and a concrete answer about the state of your home’s foundation, don’t worry!

At EIG we utilize the latest technology, Zip Level Pro-2000, which allows us to give you the peace of mind that we will find out the exact condition your foundation is in.

Check out one of our sample reports here to get an idea of what you’ll be receiving.


What Can Happen to Your Foundation

You already know how important your home’s foundation is to the structure and functionality of your home.

However, if you’re still thinking of putting off the inspection and treatment, you should know that untreated foundation issues can lead to HUGE bills and headaches in the long run.

Besides exorbitant costs and long-term repairs, living in a home with foundation issues is a huge safety concern.

The cause and effect of many of these issues can bring on many other issues such as: mold, erosion, and major structural damage, which all make your home a dangerous living environment.


To ensure you and your loved ones are safe, keep a close eye on the common issues that arise when foundations have problems. Or you can rest easy with a professional opinion!

Schedule your inspection today with our easy online scheduling tool, and let one of our expert team members determine the state of your foundation.



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