Homebuyers Inspection


Top 5 Reasons to hire Elite Inspection Group

  1. With our extensive Real Estate backgrounds, we understand the processes and deadlines you have when purchasing your home. Buying a home can be a fun, exciting and stressful all at the same time. Our in-depth easy to read inspection report can help alleviate some of the stress during the home buying process.  Having a clear, concise home inspection report will give you a detailed picture of the home’s condition and will prevent you from getting stuck with a bunch of post closing expenses.
  2. Have your inspection scheduled and completed in 48 Hours Guaranteed, 7 days a week! This allows you ample time to negotiate any necessary repairs and keeping you from the looming deadline of the option period. All the while, taking away the stress in making those decisions about your new home’s condition.
  3. Be informed! We want you to be at YOUR inspection for a complete review of your report. We will take you step by step through the report on site and explain it in terms so you will have a clear picture of your home’s condition.
  4. “We offer a wide variety of specialty inspections based on specific areas of concern. For example, if you are concerned about the heat and air-conditioning system in your new home, consider our In-depth HVAC inspection conducted by a licensed HVAC technician that will include a written repair estimate. The most common item we recommend having further evaluation on in ever home is the HVAC system. Check out all of our in-house specialty inspections available.
  5. Were your negotiated repairs completed correctly? We offer reduced cost follow up inspections to ensure the repairs you negotiated were actually completed and completed correctly. We find that over40% of the time, all of your negotiated repairs were not completed correctly.

Bonus reason — We inspect every home as if we were buying it ourselves.

Our inspectors conduct a visual inspection of accessible systems and components of the home including: