Pre-listing Inspection


Do you want to net the most amount of money on the sell of your home, while eliminating the #1 deal killer in negotiations? If YES, please keep reading.

The home inspection is one of the most mismanaged aspects of the home selling process. Why give the homebuyer all of the leverage in the transaction after their inspection? This part of the transaction can cost you hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars.

Put yourself in the driver’s seat and negotiate from a position of strength by having a pre-listing inspection. We offer a couple of solutions that will help you put the most amount of money in your pocket with the sell of your home.

Option 1 – I maintain my house fairly well, tell me about the 5-point pre-inspection.

A 5-point inspection from Elite Inspection Group covers the major components, “the deal killers” of your home. The roof, foundation, electrical panel, heating, air-conditioning systems and water heaters. The 5-point inspection also includes or In-depth HVAC inspection conducted by a licensed HVAC technician that will include a written repair estimate. The HVAC system is the most common item we recommend having further evaluation. Put your home on the market with confidence that you will receive a full-price offer and not be surprised later with costly repairs that will only reduce your bottom line.

Option 2 – I am not real big on maintenance and need to cover all my bases.

With this option, you will receive a complete inspection just like your buyer will complete when your home is under contract. You can move forward with peace of mind knowing the condition of your home and be able to identify any deal killers before putting your home on the market. We have found in many instances the buyer will not bring in their own inspector since you have just completed the same process, thus managing the most mismanaged part of the real estate transaction.

Remove stress from the sale of your home.

Did you know?

Once your home is under contract, all repairs to the home must be completed by a licensed person or those who are engaged in providing such repairs.

Texas One to Four Family Residential contract:

7.F. – Unless otherwise agreed in writing: (i) Seller shall complete all agreed repairs and treatments prior to the Closing Date; and (ii) all required permits must be obtained, and repairs and treatments must be performed by persons who are licensed to provide such repairs or treatments or, if no license is required by law, are commercially engaged in the trade of providing such repairs or treatments.

Have your home inspected before going on the market and you can make many of the repairs yourself or with a handyman. This will help avoid the costs of expensive professional contractors and paying an additional closing cost to new home buyer when you are under contract.