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Keep These Trees Away From Your Home

For many of us our home is our sanctuary, and we put a lot of time and money into making it comfortable and appealing — inside and out.

When it comes to the outside, you may think you have free reign and can get away with most landscaping choices.

However, there are actually quite a few landscaping decisions you should avoid, especially when it comes to trees.

If you’ve been toying with the idea of sprucing up the outside of your home by planting a tree or two, be sure you avoid these specific types.

Before you head to a nursery double check this list so you don’t find yourself in a situation more trouble than it’s worth.

Trees to Avoid Planting Near Your Home

 1. Silver Maple

These trees are big and grow fast, and they give off great shade.

But because of their rapid growth, they are more susceptible to brittle, weak wood that can easily break off during storms.

They also have shallow roots that can invade plumbing systems and even destroy your walkway or driveway.


2. Cottonwood

This is a favorite…for those in the tree removal business!

Although beautiful, these trees come with a running list of headache-inducing issues you’ll be dealing with way down the road.

Because they are wet trees, they are more likely to rot easily and quickly, so they attract insects which will lead to quick decay.

And finally they have a short lifespan of only 25-35 years, meaning you’ll be calling in the removal services.


3. Mimosas

There’s not much to say here except your neighbors probably won’t appreciate you much: this disease-prone species will spread their seeds and sprout in yards within a quarter-mile of your own.

Additionally, they’re typically only beautiful two weeks out of the year and sport unattractive brown seed pods the rest of the year.


4. White Mulberry

Yes, we can hear the sound of your hearts breaking, but stick with us and you’ll never want to see another Mulberry in your life.

Not only are these extremely messy, but they have extremely aggressive roots that will crack your pavement.

If that’s not enough to deter you, maybe this will do the trick: these allergy-inducing trees produce berries that birds love, but unfortunately it’s a laxative for them.

Just imagine what fun that will be for you, your car, the side of your house, etc.


5. Willow

Thanks to their low hanging and slender branches, Willows are one of the most easily recognized trees out there.

However, they’ve got some seriously thirsty roots that will attack your sewer lines, irrigation pipes, and drain fields. Also, they have a very short life span of about 30 years.


We hope we didn’t make you too sad with this list of trees you never want to plant near your home. But ultimately we’re here to give you great professional advice to keep your beloved home in tip-top shape.

If this list has you thinking about other precautions you should take for the home, give us a call! We can help reassure you that your home is in good condition.

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