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Surefire Ways to Tackle Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning

The official start to spring just around the corner!

You are probably making up a quick to-do list in your head of all the spring cleaning items you’ll soon be tackling.

If you are avoiding it, it might be because you don’t like getting rid of stuff or you feel it’s too big of a task.

While many families dread spring cleaning, it doesn’t actually have to be so terrible.

So if you’ve never done a proper spring cleaning or you seem to lose your steam halfway through, follow our tips to stay on top of it:


Strategies are Essential for Success

Taking on a deep clean of the entire home is a big task, so you will need a plan.

Start by organizing tasks by each room and focus on the areas that have been neglected rather than re-cleaning something that has recently received attention.

A plan will not only keep you sane, but it will make the whole process more efficient and less stressful.


Free Yourself from Clutter First

Before you do anything, you’re going to have to roll up your sleeves and get into the clutter.

Assign each family member a room or even make them responsible for their own things.

Separate items into donate, sell, and trash piles. Clearing out the unnecessary mess will make the entire cleaning process that much easier.


Assemble a First Aid Kit

We’re not talking about a real first aid kit with bandages and ointments.

This is more of a home first aid kit, with all the essentials you’ll need to perform a proper clean.

You’re going to need things like: an all-purpose cleaner, disinfecting wipes, rubber gloves, glass cleaner, duster, microfiber cloths, etc.

Pro-tip: Investing in a suitable vacuum will definitely payoff.


Take Everything Apart

It’s important, especially when dusting or vacuuming, that you get every nook and cranny.

Take everything off of the shelf, bookcase, move the furniture, etc. rather than just dusting around it. A little extra effort now will do your home, and your possessions, some good in the long run.


Don’t Forget the Fridge

Even if you fancy yourself diligent in throwing out expired foods, you should take an hour or two to really focus on your fridge.

Remove everything and check it all. Wipe down containers with leftovers and then spray down the inside of the refrigerator with water and vinegar before putting everything back.

Pro-tip: Clean your fridge’s condenser coil to prolong the life of your appliance.


Spring cleaning is not so daunting if you take the time to make a game plan… and then stick to it!


Are You Ready?

Is this your first spring cleaning rodeo?

If not, would you add anything to the list? Let us know in the comments below. We love to hear from you!

We hope these tips will serve you well and help you prepare your home for the warmer months.

If you haven’t had your annual home inspection do it now! This is an easy thing to tick off your to-do list.


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