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Is Your AC Ready for Summer?

Your HVAC system is a complex one and quite a large investment in the home. With this in mind, you should take extra precaution to care for the system all year long.

While the winter may not have been that harsh we all know how hot Texas summers can be. Hence our common first instinct is to blast the AC as soon as warmer weather makes its appearance.

However, there are some steps every homeowner should take before starting up their AC after a long break.

The AC is essential to your home and loved ones’ comfort during these long hot months. So take the time to make sure your system is in good shape and ready to go come summer!


Pre-Summer AC Care Checklist

Replace Filters

In a perfect world you should change your filters every 2-3 months. But if you don’t, you definitely want to before running your system this summer. If you have pets you should be changing your filter more often.


Inspect Air Vents

Around your home you should have various vents. Just take a quick walk around to ensure they are all free of blockages so that airflow will not be constricted.


Check Insulation

On the back of your unit there are coolant lines that connect to your home. If there is missing insulation or signs of wear, you’ll want to call in a professional.


Test Run

Turning on your unit before needed just to make sure everything is working properly is a good idea. It’s not necessary to cool off your entire home, just flip on the thermostat and make sure cold air is coming out then shut it off again!


Clean Condensation Lines

This pipe can get clogged and lead to a nasty back up in the unit itself or worse, into your home. Therefore, it’s a good idea to pick up an algaecide from any pool supply store and run it through the pipe to avoid any problems later down the line. Bleach can also work to clean out the clogging. Try to do this 3 times per year.


Remove Debris From Outside

If you have an outside unit, make sure all plants, leaves, high grass, or other debris isn’t affecting the unit. It’s important to continuously check these units throughout the summer as the grass can grow much faster during these months.


Clean Condenser Coils

If your outside unit didn’t have a cover on it through the winter, you should give it a good cleaning. Use a refrigerator coil brush to tackle the job and dislodge any trapped dirt or debris.


Pro-tip: Before taking on this cleaning, you should make sure the power is OFF and remove the side panels and protective covering.



There’s nothing more satisfying than returning to a cool home after running around outside on a hot summer day. So make sure you and your loved ones can enjoy that icy cool air all season long by performing these simple checkups.

If you’re concerned that your HVAC system and other areas of your home aren’t ready for summer, give us a call!


We’ll send out of one of our experienced professionals in 48 hours or less!


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