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Three Pesky Stair Problems and How to Fix Them

Stairs, especially in older homes, can be a beautiful focal point.

But over the years, continuous foot traffic can lead to sloping, loose boards, faulty handrails, etc.

All of these pose serious risks to you, your loved ones, and even family pets.

While some of the common issues with stairs may not be dangerous, they can be annoying. Read on to find out some quick and simple DIY fixes for common stair troubles.


How to Fix Common Problems With Stairs

1. Wobbly Handrails

Loose or jiggly handrails should be addressed immediately, since the longer you put it off, the more risk you face.

When it comes to handrails, there are many ways they can be configured: fixed to the wall with brackets, secured with a newel post, screwed into a wall plate, or even a combo of each of these.


What to do if the handrails have brackets:

This is an easy fix, just change out the screws. It doesn’t matter if they are installed into the wall or directly to the handrail.

What to do for handrails on newel posts:

There are a few options here. But if the problem is with the post, you just need to install larger and longer lag screws into the base of the newel post.

If the problem isn’t the actual post, check the handrail fasteners and tighten with a wrench.


2. Noisy Stairs

This is usually the most persistent and pestering issue with stairs. The creaking noise we all try to tiptoe around and hold our breath when making late night trips to the kitchen. Luckily, this is an easy fix!


What to do for creaking stairs:

Identify the source of the sound and determine if it’s louder on one side than the other. Then, hammer in a thin nail or screw to the support board and make sure your fastener is aligned with the others.


3. Broken Treads

Not all of the dangers are inside the home. If you have a small staircase or patio stairs outside of your home, you must be mindful of their condition as well.

Mainly because they are more exposed to the elements, they require much more upkeep.


What to do if the tread of your stairs is damaged:

You should replace them immediately. You have a few options here: aluminum, vinyl rubber, or carpet.

Bonus! Stair tread can extend the life of your stairs by protecting them from the wear and tear of continuous foot traffic. For extra safety consider adding tread to stairs in areas around decks or pools.


As you can see many of the common problems have a simple (and cheap) solution that won’t even take up your entire weekend. Addressing these issues right away can prevent serious accidents.


Extra Safety Tips

  1. Keep stairs well-lit by installing light switches at the top and bottom of staircases.
  2. Remove loose carpet or throw rugs from the landings.
  3. Be diligent about removing clutter.
  4. Consider painting the edge of each step a contrasting color so that it is easily visible.
  5. Keep an eye on the conditions and maintain upkeep accordingly.

As always we hope these tips will help keep you and your home safe! If you have some concerns about other areas of your home, don’t hesitate to reach out.


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