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Guess What Robin From Re/Max Just Said

In today’s environment where contractors, really good quality contractors are hard to find in our growing metroplex, many times sellers who hire contractors to complete repair work that has been agreed upon between sellers and buyers will get a receipt for work performed and think the work has been done.

Lately, I have been recommending to my buyers to not just rely on receipts provided and to hire their home inspector to reinspect the items that were repaired. We cannot tell if the roof repairs were made or if the electrical was repaired properly, etc.

I just had one in Prosper where there were roof repairs, HVAC repairs, etc. My buyer hired Elite Inspection Group to go back out to reinspect Elite Inspection Group’s inspector walked the roof and only 1 shingle had been replaced. None of the nails were sealed and the flashing wasn’t properly nailed down. There was dripping water coming from the secondary drain line for the AC.

It just gives peace of mind to a buyer that repairs were done properly. The roofing company and HVAC company that the seller hired had NOT done the job they were hired for, they were paid by the seller and seller thought they were completed.

If you are representing a buyer and seller made repairs, hired the expert, such as Elite Inspection group, to reinspect the items because you just don’t know if they were truly done!

Realtor Robin E. – Re/Max