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Don’t Let Insulation Problems Bury You

Insulation Problems

HomeAdvisor calls insulation “the best investment you can make in a long-term residence” due to projected savings in utilities over time.

On average, families spend $1,900 on utility bills a year; heating and cooling make up 54% of utilities. Proper insulation can cut costs by 40%!

Ensuring proper and functional insulation is in your home will prevent a long list of problems over time.

Some of the most common troubles that stem from poor insulation include:

  • Drafts, feeling too cold in winter and too hot in summer
  • High energy bills
  • Erratic temperatures throughout rooms
  • Moisture that can lead to mold

Good insulation is something that matters for both current homeowners and those in the market for a new place. It’s also particularly relevant for owners of old homes as many people assume that poor insulation is just a quirk of having an aged home, which is untrue.

Whether you’re buying a new home or currently own one it is important and possible to have efficient insulation that will save you trouble down the road.

There are many types of insulation and various benefits for each one, but we are going to focus on some common issues that you can easily monitor and address to ensure your home remains problem-free.

1. Windows and Doors

Regularly check for worn weathers tripping and if you find it has deteriorated you can easily replace yourself. If you see that your windows need to be replaced, but you’re not quite ready to tackle the project invest in some thermal curtains for a temporary solution.

Cellular shades and shutters are the most efficient window coverings as they create a barrier between the window and the room. When it comes to the doors, adding a rubber flap at the bottom or installing a draft guard can be helpful.

2. Outlets

In older homes, outlets and light switches can be a huge source of heat loss thanks to improper insulation around outlets, light switches, and breaker boxes.

The fix here is easy, just buy some insulating gaskets made for outlets and install around your home.

3. Attic

The most common topic to come up when discussing poor insulation is the attic. Improper insulation is common and problematic in the attic, leading to various problems like drafts, moisture, and then spiral into bigger issues like structural damage.

Add weather stripping around the access point of your attic and look for insulation devices made specifically for attic doors to prevent a draft.

These are just a few of the most common problems due to poor insulation, but remember they are only temporary fixes.

If you’re worried that you have a bigger problem on your hands, especially in the attic, don’t waste time on calling in the pros!

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