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7 Ways Clogged Gutters Damage Your Home

clogged gutters

Clogged gutters usually fall at the bottom of the list when considering potential home problems. However, issues stemming from clogged gutters can do plenty of silent damage that will cost you big.

When left untreated, clogged gutters can lead to expensive repairs for damages ranging from roof leaks to foundation damage.

If you have forgotten to tackle your gutter cleaning this season check out some of the more serious issues your home could face if not done soon.

How Clogged Gutters Damage Your Home

1. Expect roof leaks

When your gutters can’t carry rainwater away, it will sit until it becomes too heavy and eventually make its way inside your home. Water dripping from your ceiling is a telltale sign of gutter issues.


2. Mold accumulation

Standing water will lead to mold — it’s only a question of time. You don’t want to see mold begin to breed inside your roof, attic, or walls of your home. You’ll have a whole new set of problems.


3. Wood damage

Standing water and mold growth will wear away at your home’s wood. It will get soggy and start to rot, which when left too long can eventually deteriorate your home’s structure.


4. Landscape issues 

Clogged gutters can cause water to spill over the sides onto shrubs or flower beds below around the base of your home. All of your hard work will go to waste after just one rainstorm thanks to faulty gutters.


5. Compromised foundation

Pooled water that sits around the foundation can cause cracks over time, and in more serious instance eventually lead to collapse.

In any case, protecting your home’s foundation is essential to having a functioning home.


6. Ice dams

Clogged gutters highly increase the chance of ice dam formation. Ice dams can lift roof shingles (allowing water inside your home), get insulation wet and lead to mold growth, or completely destroy your gutter altogether.


7. Welcomes uninvited guests

Mosquitoes and other pests sure do love standing water. Stagnant puddles are inviting for mosquitoes, termites, carpenter ants, and other unwanted guests.  

They’re likely to lay their eggs there, and you’ll be hosting an entire colony of pests in no time.


Things to Keep in Mind

If you decide to go the DIY route and tackle the gutter cleaning yourself, there are a few items you should consider:

  • Always go with a partner
  • Use a safe/secure ladder
  • Wear rubber soled shoes, gloves, and safety goggles
  • Get a gutter scoop and utilize a garden hose
  • Rake or power wash the roof
  • Watch out for power lines

Even if you have gutter guards there can still be debris trapped underneath.

Professional gutter cleaners will remove all debris from the roof, gutters, and downspouts. They will also do an overall check of the gutters and repair any loose gutter spikes.

Sometimes it’s well worth it to pay a professional to ensure your safety and the job is done properly.


Clogged gutters aren’t just an eyesore; we can see the proof is in the pudding. Don’t leave your gutters unattended for too long or you’ll be facing some serious troubles.


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