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Clean Your Home Like a Pro


We’ve talked about the benefits of prepping your home, whether you’re trying to sell or just getting ready for winter, taking preventative measures and maintaining small things year round will save you big in the long run.

Keeping a perfectly ordered home is nearly impossible, especially if you have pets or children.

However, there are some practical and easy measures you can take to prevent the need for a deep cleaning down the road.

Getting Started

First, define your mission. Are you clearing clutter or cleaning? Contrary to popular belief, they’re not the same and often when we attempt to clean we end up decluttering, which can only tack on unnecessary work to our mission.

Once you decide on your objective, stick to it. It’s a good idea to declutter a day or two before you intend on cleaning.

Sort through the things you want to sell or donate and actually make moves. Don’t let bags of clothes or household goods sit in your hallway for the next four months.

Before you get started with the cleaning, go through the house with a trash bag or basket to round up any random objects that are misplaced.

Along the way keep an eye out for any stray dishes, forks, cups, etc. that haven’t made their way back to the kitchen.

Pro-tip: This would be an excellent job for your kids if you’re interested in putting them to work.

A Pro’s Plan for Cleaning Your Home

1. Hit the Bathrooms First

Clear out everything from the tubs and showers and spray them down to let them soak while you tackle the other parts of the house.

2. Ceilings and Walls Top to Bottom

Time to get rid of those dust bunnies and cobwebs—don’t skip light fixtures and fan blades! The great thing about this task is that it doesn’t require any special supplies. Attach an old T-shirt or cloth to a broomstick and use that to dust.

3. Back to the Bathrooms

Once you’re finished dusting it’s time to get back to the bathroom and polish fixtures, scrub the sink, and empty any wastebaskets. Finally, finish with the floors; nothing fancy here, use a Swiffer or rag to make your floor look like new.

4. Furniture

Remove all items from shelves and tables and dust off with a paper towel before using a wood polisher or wax to take care of your furniture.

Don’t use the same cloth or rag for your knickknacks as you do on the furniture. Otherwise, you’ll be dealing with oily/sticky figurines. Use a small vacuum for upholstered furniture weekly.

5. Check Windows

Take care of any smudges or fingerprints along windows and mirrors to give yourself a break from the all that dust you’ve picked up.

6. Kitchen Time

First, load the dishwasher to make space for the real work. Take care of countertops, appliances, and the fronts of cabinets.

7. Finish with the Floors

Once you’ve taken care of everything above you’re ready to vacuum carpets and clean hard surface floors.

While this list may seem overwhelming the more often you do it, the less time and work it will take in the future. Maintaining a clean home can preserve the integrity and structure of your home.

What are your pro cleaning tips? Let us know!

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