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4 Telltale Signs of Foundation Problems and How to Spot Them

Damaged or unstable foundations can quickly lead to costly and drawn-out repairs. Noticing early warning signs can save you thousands of dollars and valuable time.

Don’t let a small crack snowball into a full-on foundation nightmare!

Here are the 4 signs of foundation problems.

  1. The doors jam or stick.
  2. Cracks have formed in the wall, particularly above the windows, doorways and where the ceiling meets the wall.
  3. Windows won’t close or begin to stick.
  4. Cracks appear in vinyl or ceramic tiles.

Homes are much like people— they settle over time, get comfortable and occasionally begin to “crack.” Normal wear and tear is nothing to panic about, but being alert to potential symptoms of a bigger foundational problem never hurts!

Once you’ve spotted a potential problem, there are a few self-inspection measures you can take before calling in a professional.

Or, you can skip the above step altogether and schedule an inspection with Elite Inspection Group– we’re open 24/7 and promise to reply to your inquiry within 48 hours!

Look Outside

Step outside and have a look if your foundation is properly supporting your walls. From corner to corner, every wall should be straight, both vertically and horizontally. If you can’t spot a leaning wall with the naked eye, try a level.

Any bulging or curves could signal a shifting in your foundation, either due to the soil or cycles of expanding and contracting with the climate. As a result, additional pressure is put on your walls, causing cracks, “sticky doors” and so on.

Test Your Concrete

Run a quick test on your concrete for any signs of weakness; ideally, it should be too hard to be damaged.  Using a screwdriver, attempt to chip or break off a bit of concrete– if it breaks easily or is flaky, there could be a problem.

This is a common problem with older homes, specifically those built in the early 1900’s, as the concrete was in large part mixed with dirt and sand, or too much water. Unfortunately, in that case, the only solution may be an entirely new foundation.

Check Your Basement

Have a look at the posts or concrete supports in your basement– do they appear sturdy and straight? They should be supporting the weight of beams above.

However, puddles or excessive moisture could indicate a weakness in your foundation.

Another sign could be rotting wood or mold, due to water damage, poor drainage or a crack in the foundation, thus allowing in moisture.

There’s Only One Way to Know for Sure…

And, that’s with Elite Inspection Group. Our team of certified professionals will evaluate your home, and assess to what degree your foundation may be compromised.

Our online scheduling tool allows for easy scheduling, any day, any time. What’s more, we’re open 24/7 and guarantee a reply to your request within 48 hours!

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