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4 Summer Plumbing Problems to Watch for


Most people assume that colder months bring the most problems for their plumbing systems, but there are risks that you must be on the lookout for during summer.

Warmer weather brings on a set of unique plumbing issues for new and old homes alike.

We’re going to list a few things that you can stay on top of and monitor yourself, so your summer vacation budget doesn’t end up going towards fixing a plumbing disaster!

1. Disposal Problems

Between the kids home eating more meals and perfect BBQ weather, your garbage disposal is probably seeing a little more action than it’s used to. The extra stress is fine if you’re careful about what’s going into the disposal.

The good news, garbage disposal clogs are totally preventable! Follow these steps to ensure a problem free disposal all year long.

Different products can affect your disposal in a variety of ways from dulling blades to sticking to the disposal. Avoid putting these things down the disposal:

  • Grease or oil
  • Potato peels, carrots, corn cobs, and other firm produce
  • Greasy bones and seeds or pits
  • Starchy foods like rice or pasta (which will cling to your disposal)

Pro-tip: Run cold water when using your disposal and every so often toss a peel from a citrus fruit, such as an orange or lemon, to clear any waste and eliminate odors.

2. Sprinkler Issues

Many people want to maintain a beautiful green lawn during summer. This will require some prepping in the weeks leading up to the season.

Be sure to check your sprinkler heads and clean them regularly before the season begins.

Always look to make sure sprinkler heads are lowered before mowing your lawn and if you suspect a leak try to address the problem before your water bill suffers a spike.

Pro-tip: For a simple clog, use a paper clip to clear the hole, but if you’re dealing with a more serious clog, unscrew and soak the head before cleaning with a wire.

3. Heavy Toilet Use

Something many don’t consider is that with your kids home all day the toilets are getting used more often, increasing the likelihood of clogs.

There aren’t too many preventive measures to take here, except maybe a conversation with your kids about what should and shouldn’t be going down the toilet.

Check out this site for a more comprehensive guide, but a short list of no-nos include:

  • Gum
  • Tampons
  • Food
  • Excess tissue/toilet paper

A quick chat with your little ones at the beginning of summer vacation can save the family from annoying clogs and you from extra plunger time!

4. Washing Machine Leaks

Sunny days means more pool time and outdoor activities, which can lead to a lot more laundry for you and your washing machine. There are a few easy things that you can do to avoid overloading your washing machine:

  • Spread out laundry over a few days if possible
  • Check your hose for kinks, leaks, and cracks
  • Stay at home when running the machine (if possible) to monitor any issue that may arise

Pro-tip: Move the machine a few inches from the wall to prevent kinks and if you have to replace your hose, consider a stainless steel hose as they last longer than rubber.

We Can Help!

After working hard all year long don’t get bogged down by these potential plumbing issues, stay on top of your home and make sure you know what’s going on. If you suspect an issue, don’t hesitate to contact us for a professional opinion.

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