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4 Ways to Tell Your Windows Need to Be Replaced

We replace our windows for many reasons.

For example, do you have little ones running around the home?

Then you may, unfortunately, have been witness to the sound of shattering glass on more than one occasion.

Visibly broken glass is a surefire way to tell you should be replacing a window or two. But there are plenty of other signs your windows may need repair that are much harder to notice.


Why Does It Matter?

Our windows are an important part of our home and hold various functions.

They offer curb appeal, bring in natural light, and can even affect energy efficiency. So being able to recognize when windows need to be replaced is quite important.


How Can You Tell?

We’ve established that broken glass is a pretty obvious sign of window repair. But we’ll go through some of the more difficult problems to detect.

1. High Energy Bills


Can you walk around your home in a t-shirt on a cold day or does it feel drafty? If your windows aren’t doing their job, hot or cool air (depending on the season) may be escaping. You might as well toss your wallet out of a moving car if that’s the case.

If you’re not sure, test it out by holding a lit candle near a window and move it around the edges — does the flame flicker? If so, air is likely coming in from the outside, and the air temp you want in you home is going out.


2. Difficulty Opening

There are tons of reasons why you may not be able to open the window anymore.

Maybe it was painted over, it is a warped frame, or even problems stemming from the foundation.

Whatever the case is, this isn’t good for you. Not only is it poor functioning, it’s dangerous. In the case of an emergency (e.g. fire), you’ll want access to an escape route.


3. Rotting Frames

A decaying window frame is one of the most obvious signs for needing replacement.

Wooden frames that are exposed to the elements will eventually warp over time.

Possible mold and moisture intrusion may even lead to more serious decay issues down the road. The frames may be leaking due to poor installation, a failed sealed unit, or just time.


4. Lack of Noise Control

Do you feel like your neighbors talking outside are just in the other room?

Can you hear a car coming from down the road?

If you can hear outside noise clearly, your windows aren’t doing a great job. A great window will absorb sound waves, preventing them from ever making it into your house.

Reducing the transfer of sound can drastically improve your quality of life. And if you are a light sleeper or have babies, this will be a huge plus!


There are various reasons why people put off replacing their windows. It can be a large investment, but when looking at the big picture, it can save you from the money pit down the line.

If you’re worried your home may be suffering from window issues or other problems, let us have a look! Members of our professional team can be out in 48 hours or less.

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