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When it comes to your home’s foundation, the smallest comment can make anyone break into a sweat. The general idea is that foundation repair means big bucks and even bigger problems for you, but that’s not the case.

To help you better understand what foundation repair really means we want to dispel some myths today.

1. Foundation Repair Will Break the Bank

Well, it can be expensive, but not every single time. A major repair can set you back a couple thousand, but most of the time people are facing a much smaller issue that doesn’t require an invasive repair.

Our advice—don’t stress about the price until you know the root of the problem.

2. You Should Wait Until the Repair is More Affordable

While waiting until you’re comfortable to pay out a big price is usually okay you definitely don’t want to put off a foundation repair. No matter how small the problem is.

Foundation issues worsen, and quick, so save yourself money in the long run by getting the issue solved immediately.

3. The Problem is the Fault of the Original Builder

Most people assume that foundation issues stem from a faulty building, but a majority are actually due to soil conditions. For example, in North Texas, we have mainly expansive clays which can significantly alter a home’s foundation.

4. Overwatering Causes Foundation Damage

 The expansion from overwatering soil isn’t on a large enough scale to cause cracking.

 5. You Just Need to Fill Cracks

 Injecting a crack may fix a leak, but it’s not the only solution to a foundation problem nor will it prevent future problems from occurring. This is why you need a qualified professional to inspect the root of the problem.

6. Cracks Will Lead You to the Cause of the Problem

Identifying cracks in your foundation is important. These are symptoms that tell you something much larger is occurring somewhere beneath the surface. However, they won’t always give you a 100% direct answer to why your foundation is bad.

Other notable signs include cracks in beams and walls, doors that won’t open or close, bulging floorboards, unbalanced floors, and more.

7. Never Buy a Home With Foundation Problems

A foundation problem is not reason enough to cross a home off of your list. Issues can be resolved quite easily thanks to today’s technologies.

Always find out more about the problem and how much it will cost before closing on a house, but don’t let foundation problems scare you away. They can be fixed!

8. New Homes are Flawless

When new homes are built, construction crews dig out a significant area of soil to place the home’s foundation.  Digging out that amount of soil loosens the surrounding soil that has slowly compacted over hundreds of years.

Once the foundation is in place, fill dirt is placed back against the foundation itself and tamped down using specialized equipment. While contractors will try their best to compact the soils, they’ll never do it as well as Mother Nature.

We Can Help

Have you had your annual foundation inspection? Or are you looking to move into a new home? Let Elite Inspections Group put your mind at ease with factual data.

We use the latest technology to ensure your foundation is in mint condition. Schedule your inspection today!

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8 Foundation Repair Myths Dispelled
There are many falsehoods surrounding foundation problems and repairs. Look at our list of myths to give you peace of mind.