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After years of working in the industry and hundreds of experiences with inspections, buyers, sellers, etc. we at EIG have realized there is a gap when it comes to communication between homeowner and home inspector. 


That’s why we’ve dedicated our company mission to bridging the gap and improving the home inspection experience. 


Home inspections are a big deal, for sellers this could be the confrontation of the maintenance issues you neglected over the years.  


For buyers, an inspection can lead to heartbreak if a report finds the home is not worth buying. 


While that sounds scary, our intention is not to frighten you, but to keep you informed.  


With that being said there are a few golden rules that every home inspector wants homeowners to know before starting the process. 

For Sellers 

 1. Mind Your Pets

Be sure to leave them in a crate or at a friend’s house during the inspection. Not only is it distracting, it could be dangerous.  


During the average inspections doors, gates, windows, etc. will constantly open and close, giving your pet an easy opportunity to escape. 


 2. Get Rid of the Clutter 

While it’s not totally necessary to have a spotless home for the inspection (an inspector won’t care if your stove is dirty) you do want to make sure there are no barriers that prevent entrance into different rooms.  


Allowing the inspector to have easy and quick access to all rooms, including basement and attic, the experience will be smoother for everyone. 


3. Schedule a Playdate 

If you have babies or small children, it’s a good idea to get them out of the house during the inspection too.  


If you can get a family member or friend to watch them at a different location that would be ideal.  


If not and they must be at home then be sure to keep an eye on them—remember, lots of opening and closing of different doors and gates. 


For Buyers

1. Stay Calm 

There will be problems with the new home, don’t panic! Not all issues are critical, and we will help you decide which ones are more serious and which are easily fixed.  


2. Don’t Ignore Water Problems 

I know, I know—we just said not to freak out. But if you see leaky ceilings, puddles or any water related issues in the basement you may want to think twice about the purchase.  


Water damage or problems can be expensive and difficult to address. 


3. We’re Not Psychic 

Although we do know an awful lot about homes, unfortunately, we can’t predict the future.  


Home inspections are visual inspections, and we can’t say exactly when something will need to be repaired or exactly how much it will cost, but we can give you rough estimates that will be helpful in your decision making process. 


Don’t let an inspection stress you out! We’re here to help make the process easy while making sure you’re as knowledgeable as possible about each step. 


Stop wasting time and get in touch with us today to schedule your own professional home inspection!  



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Things Your Inspector Wants You to Know
Follow our golden rules of home inspections to avoid an unorganized and stressful inspection experience!