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Pass Your Pre-Sell Inspection With Flying Colors

Pre-Sell Inspection

When it comes to home inspections, many people think they’re only for prospective buyers, but getting an inspection before selling is actually a great idea.

It is an investment that will save you big on time and money in the long run.

Home inspections are one of the most mismanaged aspects of the home selling process and skimping on the pre-sell inspection can give the buyers the upper hand in negotiations.

Pre-Sell Inspection

A pre-list inspection will give you a strong standing to make a deal that satisfies you.

Take a look at these benefits of a pre-sell inspection.

1. Goodwill Gesture

Show buyers that you are willing to go beyond the expected and you have nothing to hide.

This will allow buyers to have a certain peace of mind when considering your home.

2. Save Money

This pre-sell inspection will make you aware of any issues before listing. Your home is more likely to sell fast if it is problem-free.

3. Spotlight Special Areas

Show off any upgrades or assets your home has to offer with a seller’s inspection.

Want to know how to ace your seller’s inspection, let’s take a look.

Sellers Inspection

If you want to help buyers truly appreciate the condition your home is in, take these steps before your inspection to ensure it goes as smoothly as possible.

1. Clear Access

Make sure all clutter is removed, and critical areas like furnace, water heater, AC units, and attics are easily accessible to the inspector.

2. Turn on the Lights

Replace any bulbs and make sure light fixtures are in working order.

3. Open House

Keep doors and gates unlocked for your home inspector.

4. Be Honest

Let inspectors know from the start of any flaws your home has. This could be a busted light fixture or broken tile.

5. Clean Filters

Change out filters in the HVAC system.

6. Check Monitors

Are your fire alarm and carbon monoxide monitors working? If not, replace them. If you aren’t sure, it’s time to check!

7. Look for Cracks

Any cracks in a window or a broken screen will show up in a report. Address these issues before the inspection.

8. Top Off Appliances

Make sure everything that should have a cap (gas lines, chimneys, etc.) that require caps should be covered. This can keep debris like leaves or animals from clogging.

9. Look at Your Vegetation

Do your trees need a trim? Take care of any low-hanging or dying branches.

10. Open and Close Everything

Check all your windows and doors to make sure they are working properly. Don’t forget to jiggle some doorknobs too!

11. Call a Pro

When in doubt if you come across a problem you’re not sure how to address, call a professional.

We Can Help!

Speaking of professionals, we are a team of highly skilled and qualified inspection pros. Use our advice to ensure a painless and effective seller’s inspection.

Check out our seller’s inspection services where you can find copies of our two types of inspection reports.

If you’re not sure which inspection you need, just give us a call, and we can help you schedule the best inspection for your home today!

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